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H3PCLE Participates in Minority Health Fair

Khadijah and Tiearra "working" at the Health Fair


In what appeared to be a mad dance-off at the Minority Health Fair, two Saturdays ago, April 2, 2011 at Cleveland Browns Stadium, H3PCLE members once again took health care to the people.

“Oh, we really enjoyed it, the face painting was great and the massages were fabulous,” said Khadijah Seay, a Junior at the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine.

Her friend Tiearra Morris added, “You know, it’s really hard being a junior at Cleveland School of Science and Medicine, the best High School in Cleveland by the way, and having to work at 7 AM on a Saturday. But the massages really made up for lack of sleep.”

The students appeared to spin into a frenzy at one point of the day, incorporating calisthenics, plyometrics and geometry into the group’s mission of Community Health.

“It’s really important to move as a group,” said Janae Hughes. “Moving together as a group helps us focus our minds and bodies, at once.”

The H3PCLE remained on site for seven hours, assisting in administrative tasks, guiding patients around the fair and generally brightening the mood of a cold, early spring Lake Erie morning.


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