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Dean Robert Haynie & Med Student Asha Talati Nominated for Red Cross Heroes Awards

Asha Talati - CWRU SOM Med Student

Asha Talati - CWRU SOM Med Student nominated for 2011 Red Cross Heroes Award

Two people integral to the success of the Robbins Bridge/H3P Program have been nominated for the 2011 Red Cross Heroes Award.

Everyone in the H3P League of Scholars, BE SURE TO VOTE BY SUNDAY OCTOBER 30th.

You can vote for both of these H3P’ers.

Go to this website and find Asha under the “Community” category, and find Dr. Haynie under the “Medical” category. You can vote for both of them!


Asha Talati –

The demands on medical students’ time are intense, but Asha Talati chooses to apply her free time tutoring the high school students enrolled at John Hay High School’s Cleveland School of Science and Medicine (CSSM).

Asha helped design the short answer exams designed to test students on material being taught during the immersion programs. Asha committed to providing tutoring in this area and recognized that skills to express oneself were essential for success in future medical careers. Since the programs’ inception in 2009, Asha has recruited and led a group of tutors that help students write their “personal statements” for college applications. For the past three years, under her leadership, medical students meet with high school students for weekly writing workshops where students can get advice and support while completing their college applications.

Asha is an individual who is going above and beyond to serve the community by inspiring this next generation of physicians. Asha’s participation is truly selfless, particularly when paired with the rigors of medical school. Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine is proud to count Asha Talati among its Class of 2013.

Dr. Robert Haynie nominated for Red Cross Heroes Awad

Dean Robert Haynie –

Dr. Robert Haynie’s contributions to the medical field relate to his outstanding history of mentorship, leadership and community engagement to help underrepresented minorities become tomorrow’s doctors. Dr. Haynie is committed to changing the face of medicine by improving college preparedness of high students through active participation in science curriculum redesign, inspiring high school students to pursue medical careers through mentorship at the high school and undergraduate level, and providing supportive programs to show high school and undergraduate students their capabilities and increase their academic skills.

In 2007, Dr. Haynie championed a partnership between the School of Medicine and the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine (CSSM) at John Hay High School. The CSSM is designed for high school students interested in pursuing health-related careers. However, this high school tutoring program has evolved into a full scale medical pipeline program at the CSSM that is attracting multi-million dollar grant support from the Joan C. Edwards Charitable Foundation.

Dr. Haynie’s commitment goes well beyond his day to day job requirements. He is deeply generous with his time. The academic barriers exist; the statistics are discouraging, but Dr. Haynie is a health care hero who applies his unique passion and skills to change the face of medicine every day.

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