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International Brain Bee 101 Comes to a Close

A small group of students at the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine (CSSM) worked together for the Spring 2011 semester to prepare to compete in the International Brain Bee (IBB) Competition.  The IBB was designed by Dr. Norbert Myslinski to motivate young students to learn about the brain and to pursue a career in brain research.  The competition has three levels: local, national and international.  Only one student can advance through each level.  Winners have received cash prizes up to $3000 and some have even scored summer research internships.

This group was led by Zachary Rubin, a Case Western Reserve University graduate who will be attending their medical school this summer.  Rubin brought the students together after school under the course entitled, “IBB 101.”  The group met at least once a week where they went over concepts in neurology from the book, Brain Facts.  The CSSM students were challenged to work in small groups and teach each other the material rather than relying on the instructor to tell them everything.

“I’m very proud of the hard work these students put in for the IBB,” Rubin said.  “With the tools they gained through studying for the IBB, they are becoming self-directed learners which will guide them towards future successes in whatever they do.”

The IBB local competition is held generally early in the spring semester.  CSSM students will have the opportunity to compete if they choose to do so.

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