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H3P League of Scholars Inaugural Membership Celebration!

On May 12, 2011, the H3P League of Scholars celebrated their first induction of new members.  Fata Nyei, outgoing President of the organization, expressed her fondness for her fellow Scholars in a heartfelt opening remarks.

The keynote speaker of the event was Brian McDonald, the Executive Director of the Joan C. Edwards Charitable Foundation.  He has been instrumental in establishing the H3P League of Scholars and mentoring the students along the way.  As the inaugural year for the organization, McDonald compared the students to 16th century pionnier, or French foot soldier, and how their challenges of carving a new path was similar.

The new Executive Board was announced at the event as well:

President – Khadijah Seay

Vice President – William Bennett

Secretary – Leah Cummings

Membership/Communications Chairperson – William Watts

Social Chair – Saja Abid

Educational Outreach – Darneisha Higgins

Each member was given a certificate, allowing them the rights of full membership into the H3P League of Scholars.  It was an exciting day, ushering in a promising future for the organization.

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