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Google Body

Interested in learning the human anatomy? Have you ever wanted to get a close, in depth view?  Well now you can with Google Body!

Google Body is a fascinating tool that allows you to “peel off” layers of the human body to see different levels of complexity.  To start, you can choose a male or female body.  Then, you can use a scroll bar to look deeper into the body. You can use Google Body as a learning tool, labeling structures and testing yourself on what you know.  There are preselected links that allow you to see entire organ systems and you can even search for a specific part of the body!

Because this application is memory intensive, you may run into trouble running Google Body on your web browser.  Not all web browsers are capable of running Google Body.  If you have trouble viewing the application, try visiting their troubleshoot page here.

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    Cool post – thanks Zach.

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