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Junior Chris King Has “Ride of My Life!”


Cleveland School of Science and Medicine Junior Chris King was strapped into a neurological testing device this past January at the Veterans Administration Hospital’s Neurology Labs.

“It was the ride of my life!” King was heard to exclaim after exiting the ride. “At one point I thought my eyes were going to roll right down the front of my shirt!

Dr. John Leigh was more circumspect in his assessment of the situation. “Chris was a phenomenal subject. He sat there perfectly still and made no unnecessary movements whilst the machine was runnings its gyrations. Willing and compliant subjects are paramount for the success of just such a demonstration.”

The group was treated to an exceptional tour of the VA’s Neurological lab by Dr. John Leigh.

"The key is to get the subject to stop wiggling," says Dr. John Leigh of the Cleveland VA Hospital. He and his assistant are strapping in Chris King of the CSSM.

Junior Riann Brown at the Cleveland VA Neurology Labs

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