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H3PCLE Teams with Ingenuity to Develop Website

Jonathan Short, Communications Chair H3PCLE: "This is a momentous occasion, one that will be remembered for, well, forever."

In what may indeed go down as the pivotal moment in Cleveland, Ohio’s battle to improve health outcomes amongst its citizens, the Communications Chair of the H3P League of Scholars Cleveland, Ohio chapter, Jonathan Short, has announced a partnership with Ingenuity, a Cleveland based technology and art non-profit.

Short, never one to back down from a fight, ever eager to rise to the challenge of seemingly insurmountable odds, valiantly strode to the second meeting of the partnership and took the reins:

“I see this as an opportunity for the H3P League of Scholars to reach out beyond the high school. A great part of our mission is to improve community health outcomes. If we want to effectively activate our member base to that mission, we need high impact communications tools. That’s why we’ve engaged Ingenuity in this project.”

For its part, Ingenuity has taken to the task like the technological tiger it is. Recruiting resources typically reserved for rarer events, Program Director James Krouse has himself leapt into the fray.

The typically reticent Krouse went on at length about the nature of the project, barely stopping to catch his breath as he raved about wonder of the project.

“It’ll be great,” Krouse was reported to have said.

The H3P League of Scholars and Ingenuity prove yet again to be deserving of the title “Best There Ever Was”, a title this reporter bestows, with no reservations, whatsoever.


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